Thank you so much for your support and for shopping with us.

It is no secret that Covid was not part of our plan when we started this project. The goal was to offer a trauma-informed employment opportunity for Survivors of Human Trafficking in our Production facility. While we were able to rise above and complete corporate orders for the last 8 months, the in and out of lockdowns made it impossible to stay consistent and making deadlines. As such, we decided to close Timea's Market until the world is in a bit more stable place.
Since 2017 Timea's Market employed over 9 Survivors of Human Trafficking, Full and Part-time. Each and every Survivor has gained workplace experience outside of the Sex Industry and each survivor is currently working towards their hopes and dreams. We hope we had a little something to do with their confidence in making it in the real world. And for that, it was all worth it!
Thank you all for your support from near and far. Your support meant a lot to us.
Our Corporation is committed to continuing to support the Cause and Survivors
Human Trafficking.
Please visit our website and learn about our ongoing initiatives and programs.