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Shae Invidiata

Shea's butter soap is named after Shae Invidiata for Obvious reasons :-)

The Founder and Executive Director of the Not-for-Profit company, Free-Them to honour her decade long work in the Anti Slavery field 

Simone Bell

Simone's Bubble bath was inspired by Simone Bell.

Simone is survivor, advocate and  a peer support lead for
The Hope Found Project in Ottawa, Ontario. Thank you for all you do Simone!

Michael Josifovic

Mike's Coffee was named after Michael Josifovic.

Mike is a Toronto Police Officer who took Timea's Canadian Traffickers to court. Mike was there for Timea at the beginning and continues to support her today. 

Robert J Hooper

Rob's Charcoal soap earned its name after Robert Hooper.

Mr. Robert Hooper, former Chair of Walk With Me Canada Victim Services long time supporter of the cause and life mentor to Timea since 2010

People behind our products

Made by Canadian survivors of sex trafficking

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